Three Important Bills to be voted on by the full House this week. Take Action Now!

Make Sure Ride-sharing Services have a Place in Florida

HB 221 would prevent local governments from regulating "transportation network companies" such as Uber and Lyft and would adopt a uniform, common sense law focused on safety and access to the new technology.

It makes no sense that 67 counties and 410 municipalities would create their own set of regulations, which would make it impossible for ride-share drivers to comply as they serve neighboring cities and counties.

This legislation establishes common-sense guidelines throughout the state, and allows people in Florida to continue benefiting from ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft and allow affordable, reliable rides.

Keep government out of our healthcare decisions

HB 161 provides that a direct primary agreement and the act of entering into such an agreement is not insurance and not subject to regulation under the Florida Insurance Code.

This legislation would protect direct patient/doctor agreements from burdensome government regulations and represents a first step toward real healthcare freedom in Florida.

Hold Judges Accountable

HJR 1 would "return the power to the people" by placing a 12-year cap on Florida’s state appellate and Supreme Court judges. A 12-year cap at the high court would place limits on the most powerful, least accountable branch of Florida government, increase the rotation of judges serving and broaden the pool of potential nominees – all positive outcomes.

Currently, the Florida Supreme Court justices and Appellate Court judges are appointed by the Governor and only face a merit retention system where citizens vote yes or no on the judge every six years. This merit retention system has failed to hold judges accountable and no judge has ever been ousted in a merit retention vote. Because judges know once appointed, they will never be voted out in a merit retention vote, they are free to push their political agenda in irreversible ways that affect the everyday lives of Floridians.

HJR 1 would ask the state’s voters to approve a 12-year term limit for all Supreme Court justices and appeals court judges. If passed by the Florida Legislature, it would go before voters in 2018.


HB 221, HB 161, and HJR 1 will have their second reading on the House Floor this Wednesday March 29th, 2017 and could soon receive an up or down vote by the full House this week.

Call and e-mail your district Representative and tell them to support the following three bills on the House floor this week:

HB 221 Make Sure Ride-sharing Services have a Place in Florida

HB 161 keep government out of our healthcare decisions.

HJR 1 Hold Judges Accountable


IMPORTANT: Make sure you save the contact information to your representative in your cell phone. 

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