The Will of the People: Florida House Passes Red Light Camera Ban 94-22

By Paul Henry

March 24, 2017

House Bill 6007, the 2017 version of a red light camera ban passed the House by a greater margin than ever before: a total of 94 Yeas and only 22 Nays, or 78% for banning cameras. Last year the vote was 86 Yeas to 34 Nays, with the Senate Companion Bill 168 dying in Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development.

In a time of candidates getting barely 50% of a vote, this 78% vote clearly reflects the will of the people of Florida. Unfortunately, a key vote in the Senate Transportation committee killed the companion Senate Bill 178. Of the 5 members on the committee, only 4 were present, and the vote was a tie, 2 to 2, which meant the bill again died in committee. What is telling here is that as anti-camera House members such as Frank Artilles move to the Senate, the balance there is shifting away from support for the cameras.

The demise of automated for-profit law enforcement is on the way, camera supporters can only keep them on life support for so long. This demise is inevitable once citizens find out how the scheme actually works and see the lack of a safety benefit. Floridians do not like laws that make them innocent until proved guilty. Floridians do not like kangaroo courts where one side picks the judge and normal rules do not apply.

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