TAKE ACTION: Allow small Craft Breweries to Self-Distribute Support SB 554 & HB 679

Craft Breweries are prohibited by law (Three-Tier System) from distributing directly to retailers and are required to sell their beer to distributors, who then sell to retailers.

Using a distributor can be an efficient way to get products into the marketplace — when it is voluntary.

But mandatory wholesaling can prevent other competitive business models from emerging, especially small breweries.

Many small breweries in Florida don’t brew in substantial volume. Having the freedom to self-distribute can be more profitable for a small brewer. Craft breweries know what’s best for their beer; from how it should be stored, to how it’s sold, where it’s sold and how it’s delivered. Selling directly to a retailer allows higher profit and the ability to develop their product and brand. SB 554 and HB 679 will allow small craft breweries to self-distribute.


Call Senator Montford, Chair of the Commerce and Tourism Committee and tell him to schedule SB 554 in the next Commerce and Tourism Committee meeting.

Bill Montford

Phone: (850) 487-5003

E-Mail: Montford.Bill@flsenate.gov 

Call Representative Beshears, Chair of the Careers & Competition Committee and tell him to schedule HB 679 in the next Careers & Competition Committee meeting.

Halsey Beshears

Phone: (850) 717-5007

E-Mail: Halsey.Beshears@myfloridahouse.gov

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