Support SB 166- Free Craft Distilleries from Unnecessary Regulations

SB 166 deals with craft distilleries. A craft distillery is defined as one that is “a licensed distillery that produces 250,000 or fewer gallons per calendar year of distilled spirits on its premises.

SB 166 allows craft distilleries to get their product to more people by removing restrictions on how much distilleries can sell directly to customers. The current law says customers may purchase two bottles per brand/style per year.

The freedom to sell on-site is more profitable, and it allows for customers to try the product and share it with others outside the area. SB 166 also reduces the license fee for craft distilleries by 75 percent.


SB 166 will be heard in the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee on Monday April 3rd, 2017 at 1:30 PM.

Call and e-mail the members of the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee and tell them to support SB 166 and free craft distilleries from unnecessary regulations.


Name/Committee Email Phone
Commerce and Tourism    
Bill Montford 850-487-5003
George Gainer 850-487-5002
Audrey Gibson 850-487-5006
Travis Hutson 850-487-5007
Jack Latvala 850-487-5016
Kathleen Passidomo 850-487-5028
Jose Rodriguez 850-487-5037
Dana Young 850-487-5018

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