Stop the Government Land Grab! Support HB 1075

Tallahassee Legislative Alert

January 18th, 2016


Creates, revises, & deletes provisions relating to acquisition, surplus, sale, lease, & use of state-owned conservation, non-conservation, recreation, & submerged lands.

HB 1075 deals with state owned property, specifically “conservation land”. The state along with the Federal government already own almost 1/3 of Florida’s land mass for conservation purposes. The state doesn't need all of what it owns now to provide recreation and ensure conservation of wildlife habitat, HB 1075 also recognizes the state cannot afford to buy and manage all of the land that may be needed to conserve habitat.

HB 1075 sponsor Representative Matt Caldwell is quoted as saying; “Buying land is an unaffordable option for the state in its efforts to protect wildlife habitat and open space in the future.”

HB 1075 directs state agencies to establish alternatives to the full purchase of land for conservation as well as procedures for getting rid of land it owns now. HB 1075 includes a review process by the state Acquisition and Restoration Council and the Florida Cabinet to determine whether there are lands the state no longer needs for conservation.

HB 1075 will be heard this Wednesday, January 20,2016 at 12:00PM in the Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee.


Please call and e-mail the members of the Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee and tell them to support HB 1075.

Albritton, Ben (850) 717-5056
Broxson, Doug (850) 717-5003
Combee, Neil (850) 717-5039
Cummings, W. Travis (850) 717-5018
Gonzalez, Julio (850) 717-5074
Jacobs, Kristin (850) 717-5096
Mayfield, Debbie (850) 717-5054
Pilon, Ray (850) 717-5072
Powell, Bobby (850) 717-5088
Raburn, Jake (850) 717-5057
Rodríguez, José Javier (850) 717-5112
Renner, Paul (850) 717-5024
Watson, Jr., Clovis (850) 717-5020


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