Let's put a stop to the government land grab in Florida


SB 1290 deals with state owned property, specifically “conservation land”. The state along with the Federal government already own almost 1/3 of Florida’s land mass for conservation purposes. The state doesn't need all of what it owns now to provide recreation and ensure conservation of wildlife habitat, SB 1290 also recognizes the state cannot afford to buy and manage all of the land that may be needed to conserve habitat.

SB 1290 directs state agencies to establish alternatives to the full purchase of land for conservation as well as procedures for getting rid of land it owns now. SB 1290 includes a review process by the state Acquisition and Restoration Council and the Florida Cabinet to determine whether there are lands the state no longer needs for conservation.


Call and e-mail State Senator Charles Dean and ask him to put SB 1290 on the agenda for the Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee.

State Senator Charles Dean

Chairman of the Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee

Tallahassee Number: (850) 487-5005

E-Mail: dean.charles.web@flsenate.gov

Make sure that liberty has a voice in Tallahassee and make a donation TODAY!!!

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