Let's keep the momentum going for the repeal of red light cameras in Florida


HB 4027 would repeal the use of traffic infraction devices, including the use of Red Light Cameras. HB 4027 passed Economic Affairs Committee last Thursday and now HB 4027 is in its last Committee stop before going to the floor for a full House vote. The problem is that Red Flex and American Traffic Solutions have invested heavily in campaign contributions and lobbyists to stop the repeal, so they will turn up the heat on legislators to reject this bill.

Notoriously, cities that lose money on the traffic infraction detectors invariably cancel their contracts and terminate their use proving that red light cameras are solely to generate revenue for local governments and not to increase public safety.

Numerous studies have proved that increasing the duration of yellow lights at traffic intersections saves lives. Recently, in order to increase red light camera profits, the Florida Department of Transportation deliberately changed the state policy to reduce yellow light intervals to below federal recommendations. This substantially increased revenue from violations while also increasing the risk to public safety. In addition, Red Flex Traffic Solutions corporate officers have even been arrested and convicted for bribing local government officials to support installation of red light cameras.

It’s time to end the corruption, pay-offs and extortion surrounding the use of red light cameras. Liberty First Network is committed to make this upcoming session the year that the cameras are finally turned off for good.


Contact Representative Richard Corcoran and ask him to schedule HB 4027 on the House Appropriations Committee Agenda 

Representative Richard Corcoran

Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee

Tallahassee Number: (850) 717-5037

E-Mail: richard.corcoran@myfloridahouse.gov


Make sure that liberty has a voice in Tallahassee.

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