Keep the government out of your healthcare decisions. TAKE ACTION TODAY!!!


Keep the government out of our healthcare decisions!

SB 132 provides that a direct primary agreement and the act of entering into such an agreement are not insurance and not subject to regulation under the Florida Insurance Code and exempts a primary care provider, which includes a primary care group practice, or his or her agent, from any certification or license requirements in the Code for marketing, selling, or offering to sell an agreement.

These direct patient/doctor agreements allow a system uncontrolled by government regulations to develop. It makes doctors responsive to patients, not insurance company bureaucrats or government rule-makers. Because government bureaucrats do not like anything they can’t regulate and control, and big insurance companies do not like competition, there are attempts to define
Direct Primary Care agreements as a form of insurance that would be under a mountain of regulations and bureaucratic red tape.

SB 132 would protect direct patient/doctor agreements from burdensome government regulations and represents a first step toward real health-care freedom in Florida.


Contact Senator Aaron Bean and tell him to place SB 132 on the Committee on Health Policy agenda

State Senator Aaron Bean

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health Policy

Tallahassee Number: (850) 487-5004



Make sure that liberty has a voice in Tallahassee.

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