Issues Introduction

There is no shortage of work to be done to either restore or protect our liberty. The legislative process is involved, and just as with the federal level, where most recall the 2,500 page mandatory health insurance bill, bills at the state level can be lengthy and difficult to understand. We plan on making this process more understandable, so informed action can be taken.

Our goals are to:
1. Concentrate on core liberty issues;
2. Explain why they are important; and
3. Keep track of what is being done in the Legislature on these issues.

Some of the issues we have worked on and will continue to work on are (alphabetical A-Z):

Property Rights- Known by varying names to include “sustainable development”, this plan by the United Nations conflicts severely with our sovereignty and property rights. In some counties in Florida, 97% of the land is government-owned.

Education- This educational standard is not fully understood by many, who see national standards as a good thing for education. We see it as a loss of local control, which will have negative results in the long run. See also REAL ID below for what happens when state control is turned over to the federal government.

Corporate Welfare- Key words to look for here are “economic development” and the more familiar  “stimulus”. This involves government tampering in the free market, and has resulted in taxpayers funding things such as sports stadiums owned by wealthy franchises.


Red Light Cameras- Another issue that is not fully understood, the push for automated enforcement has been disguised as a safety measure. The law in Florida is a direct assault on liberty, as it does things like transfer the presumption of guilt onto the vehicle owner and restricts their ability to go to court (due process).

Second Amendment- A bedrock of our Bill of Rights, the right to possess arms is under constant assault. Using fear to motivate opposition as is often done after a mass casualty incident, when actual facts are examined, these knee-jerk responses cause more harm than good.

The solution to all of these issues rests in what we’ll call constitutional compliance:  Either Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights. The Tenth Amendment was written to clearly delineate how the powers of the United States and the People were to be split.

This page will be updated with some sub-pages on each issue for detailed information.

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