Help The Liberty First Network Tackle Campaign Finance Reform

The Liberty First Network through the Come Clean initiative is looking for your help with the issue of campaign finance reform. As you know, money in politics is nothing new and it is distorting our legislative process. 

This has to stop and we are looking at a new way to make our voices heard. From August 17th through the 28th we are asking for people to make appointments with their own state legislators to discuss this issue. We will provide you with all of the instructions and material needed to talk about this issue with your representative. 

Our goal is to ask each one of them to sign our pledge which states their commitment to providing more transparency and oversight when it comes to campaign finances. The results of who has signed the pledge and who has refused will be published in mid September. 

It is time to hold our Tallahassee legislators accountable and make them aware that we are watching and want action! 

Will you help us? Contact (727) 424-9530 or email for more information and to sign up to take on your legislators!

If you cannot donate your time then please make a financial contribution. Your donations help keep our voice in Tallahassee. 

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