HB 1325 Economic Incentive bill vote totals

HB 1325 The Economic Incentive bill passed the Florida House 79-39 on Wednesday February 24th, 2016. HB 1325 deals with the “Quick Action Closing Fund”, which was created in 2006 to allow the Governor to write checks to lure companies to relocate to Florida. Under Florida law, the governor's multimillion dollar awards can remain secret for a year or longer, if the company requests it. The Governor may approve “Quick Action Closing Fund” projects requiring less than $2 million without consulting the legislature.

HB 1325 does not specify the level of funding, but creates a process that will allow this corporate welfare program to exist forever. Funding the “Quick Action Closing Fund” only exists to give powerful well-connected businesses our money and does nothing to create a business friendly environment for all businesses big or small and to create a level playing field. Representatives should have rejected this bill and instead should have debated whether we should be giving well-connected business our tax dollars.

The silver lining is that Incoming Speakers Representative Richard Corcoran and Representative Jose Olive stood strong in opposition to this bad bill, they represent new leadership for next year. 27 Republicans and 12 Democrats did the right thing in voting NO. Unfortunately, 54 Republicans were joined by 25 Democrats in passing HB 1325. Here is how they voted.

Republicans voting NO (27)
Representative Larry Ahern-District 66
Representative Frank Artiles-District 118
Representative Bryan Avila-District 111
Representative Michael Bileca-District 115
Representative Danny Burgess-District 38
Representative Matt Caldwell -District 79
Representative Richard Corcoran-District 37
Representative Fred Costello-District 25
Representative Manny Diaz-District 103
Representative Dane Eagle-District 77
Representative James Grant -District 64
Representative Mike Hill-District 2
Representative Matt Hudson-District 80
Representative Blaise Ingoglia-District 35
Representative MaryLynn Magar-District 82
Representative Debbie Mayfield-District 54
Representative Jeanette Nunez -District 119
Representative Jose Oliva-District 110
Representative Keith Perry-District 21
Representative Cary Pigman-District 55
Representative Paul Renner-District 24
Representative Ray Rodrigues-District 76
Representative Chris Sprowls -District 65
Representative Greg Steube-District 73
Representative Jennifer Sullivan-District 31
Representative John Tobia-District 53
Representative Carlos Trujillo-District 105

Democrats voting NO (12)
Representative Lori Berman-District 90
Representative John Cortes-District 43
Representative Janet Cruz-District 62
Representative Dwight Dudley-District 68
Representative Joe Geller-District 100
Representative Kristin Jacobs -District 96
Representative Evan Jenne-District 99
Representative Amanda Murphy-District 36
Representative Mark Pafford-District 86
Representative Kevin Rader-District 81
Representative Jose Javier Rodriquez -District 112
Representative Victor Torres-District 48

Republicans voting Yes (54)
Representative Janet Adkins -District 11
Representative Ben Albritton -District 56
Representative Dennis Baxley -District 23
Representative Halsey Beshears -District 7
Representative Jim Boyd -District 71
Representative Jason Brodeur -District 28
Representative Doug Broxson -District 3
Representative Colleen Burton -District 40
Representative Neil Combee -District 39
Representative Bob Cortes -District 30
Representative Steve Crisafulli -District 51
Representative Travis Cummings -District 18
Representative Jose Felix Diaz -District 116
Representative Brad Drake -District 5
Representative Eisnaugle -District 44
Representative Jay Fant -District 15
Representative Heather Dawes Fitzenhagen -District 78
Representative Erik Fresen -District 114
Representative Matt Gaetz -District 4
Representative Julio Gonzalez -District 74
Representative Tom Goodson -District 50
Representative Bill Hager -District 89
Representative Gayle Harrell -District 83
Representative Shawn Harrison -District 63
Representative Clay Ingram -District 1
Representative Mike La Rosa -District 42
Representative Chris Latvala -District 67
Representative Charles McBurney -District 16
Representative Larry Metz -District 32
Representative Mike Miller -District 47
Representative George Moraitis -District 93
Representative Marlene O'Toole -District 33
Representative Kathleen Passidomo -District 106
Representative Kathleen Peters -District 69
Representative Ray Pilon -District 72
Representative Scott Plakon -District 29
Representative Rene Plasencia -District 49
Representative Elizabeth Porter -District 10
Representative Jake Raburn -District 57
Representative Holly Raschein -District 120
Representative Dan Raulerson -District 58
Representative Lake Ray -District 12
Representative Kenneth Roberson -District 75
Representative Patrick Rooney -District 85
Representative David Santiago -District 27
Representative Jimmie T. Smith -District 34
Representative Ross Spano -District 59
Representative Cyndi Stevenson -District 17
Representative Charlie Stone -District 22
Representative Jay Trumbull -District 6
Representative Charles Van Zant -District 19
Representative John Wood -District 41
Representative Ritch Workman -District 52
Representative Dana Young -District 60

Democrats voting Yes (25)
Representative Bruce Antone -District 46
Representative Randolph Bracy -District 45
Representative Daphne Campbell -District 108
Representative Gwynn Clarke-Reed -District 92
Representative Bobby DuBose -District 94
Representative Katie Edwards -District 98
Representative Reggie Fullwood -District 13
Representative Mia Jones -District 14
Representative Shevrin Jones -District 101
Representative Dave Kerner -District 87
Representative Larry Lee, Jr. -District 84
Representative Kionne McGhee -District 117
Representative Jared Evan Moskowitz -District 97
Representative Ed Narain -District 61
Representative Sharon Pritchett -District 102
Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda -District 9
Representative David Richardson -District 113
Representative Hazelle Rogers -District 95
Representative Darryl Rouson -District 70
Representative Cynthia Stafford -District 109
Representative Richard Stark -District 104
Representative Dwayne Taylor -District 26
Representative Barbara Watson -District 107
Representative Clovis Watson, Jr. -District 20
Representative Alan Williams -District 8


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