December 2nd Legislative Update (TAKE ACTION)

Tallahassee Legislative Alert

December 2nd, 2015


Call to action to stop the special interests from working in the shadows and bring transparency to the political process

HB 631 Campaign Finance Reform

For too long, big money, special interest groups have been running Tallahassee. Our elected representatives are selling influence and power to the highest bidders. In Florida, legislators bypass campaign limits by establishing Political Committees (PCs). These entities may accept unlimited contributions and make unlimited expenditures to fund their own political agendas. This money is used to wield power over other legislators by purchasing their allegiance to legislative leadership and not the constituents who elect them.

Money flows freely, in six and seven figure amounts, from corporations and wealthy individuals. It then flows back and forth, among the party, political committees, and ECOs (electioneering communication organizations) controlled by individual legislators or their cronies.

These PCs and ECOs spend unlimited amounts on campaigns without having to identify the candidates for which the money will be used.

No limits. No transparency. No accountability. A CPA would have a difficult time following the money trail and identifying the contributors or the ultimate beneficiaries of the funds.

Representative Amanda Murphy has filed HB 631 which would require that political committees must disclose on their campaign finance reports the purpose of each expenditure including the candidate on whose behalf the money is being spent.

HB 631 would be an important first step in bringing more transparency to Florida’s campaign finance laws. Unfortunately, those holding power in Tallahassee do not want this bill to even be debated in committee. This means we need to make our voices heard... and in big numbers.

We, the people of Florida, are losing our ability to influence legislation vital to our best interests. We must make it clear, that our representatives are beholden to us and not the almighty dollar of special interest groups. The time to act is now.


Please call and e-mail Representative Michael Bileca, Chair of the House Government Operations Subcommittee and tell him to put HB 631 on the next Government Operations Subcommittee agenda.

Representative Michael Bileca

Tallahassee Phone: (850) 717-5115

District Office Number (305) 273-3235





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