Keep Liberty Alive in Tallahassee

It's campaign season and that means people around the state will be focused on who they want to represent them in the next few years in Tallahassee and beyond. It's a busy time for activists around the state.

The Liberty First Network does not stop during campaign season either. We are busy writing legislation and educating groups around the state on the legislative process and how to be effective in lobbying your legislators.


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Candidate Surveys are Starting to Come In But We Need Your Help

There are many critical issues coming up in the next session in Tallahassee and you need to know where the candidates stand on these issues so you can make an informed decision before you vote. We want you to know where candidates stand on issues like Common Core, Red Light Cameras, and Gun rights to name a few. We recently sent out the first batch of surveys to candidates and we already have received the first responses. 

The Liberty First Network would like to thank Debbie MayfieldNeil Combee and Cord Byrd for responding to our candidate survey and mailing them back. These candidates have taken the time to tell you, the voter, where they stand on the issues that are important to you.

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Help The Liberty First Network Fight for Liberty in Tallahassee

The Florida Legislature passes laws that will impact your daily life. Much of this legislation will limit your economic freedom and your personal liberty. Corporate and special interest groups have hundreds of lobbyists, and are spending millions of dollars to influence the politicians. Those lobbyists don’t stand for liberty. Those lobbyists don’t represent you.

Isn’t it time that those that believe in limited government and individual freedom had their own lobbyist in Tallahassee?

You Do!

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Liberty First Network Candidate Survey

The Liberty First Network believes in educating the voters of Florida on the legislative process and we feel it is important that you know where the candidates for the state legislature stand on issues of liberty. We have put together this candidate survey to help in that effort. The results of our survey will be posted on our website and released to our members and networks throughout the state. 

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TAKE ACTION on Occupational Licenses in Florida

Recently the Reason Foundation and the DeVoe L. Moore Center put together a Policy Brief on Occupational Licensing in Florida. This brief talks about how these licenses are unnecessary and are killing jobs here in Florida. 


Briefs like this are a great way to get the conversation started on eliminating these licenses. This report should be given to all of the candidates for State House and State Senate in Florida.  

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2016 Florida Legislative Session Review

The 2016 Florida Legislative session has come to a close as of Friday, March 11th, 2016. The Liberty First Network will be working hard during this off-session season putting together our legislative scorecard, our autopsy reports on how good legislation was killed and some in depth policy positions and legislation for next session. 

We have finished our initial summary of the 2016 Legislative Session. This will give you are overall outlook on how liberty did this year with more details and specific breakdowns to come.


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Red Light Camera Repeal to be voted on by the full House!

HB 4027 will repeal the use of traffic infraction devices, including the use of red light cameras. We know that red light cameras are used only to increase revenue for local governments. They are not there to increase public safety. Notoriously, cities that lose money on the traffic infraction detectors invariably cancel their contracts and stop using them.

It is blatantly evident that red light cameras are solely revenue generation tools at the expense of public safety. Instead of increasing the duration of yellow lights at traffic intersections, which has proved to save lives, the Florida Department of Transportation deliberately changed the state policy to reduce yellow light intervals to below federal recommendations. This substantially increased revenue from violations while increasing the risk to public safety. To make matters worse, Red Flex Traffic Solutions corporate officers have even been arrested and convicted for bribing local government officials to support installation of red light cameras.

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HB 1325 Economic Incentive bill vote totals

HB 1325 The Economic Incentive bill passed the Florida House 79-39 on Wednesday February 24th, 2016. HB 1325 deals with the “Quick Action Closing Fund”, which was created in 2006 to allow the Governor to write checks to lure companies to relocate to Florida. Under Florida law, the governor's multimillion dollar awards can remain secret for a year or longer, if the company requests it. The Governor may approve “Quick Action Closing Fund” projects requiring less than $2 million without consulting the legislature.

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What do you think of the compromise on HB 889?

HB 889 did pass the House Judiciary Committee 17-0 today, but was watered down through an amendment.

What do you think of the compromise on HB 889? CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY

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TAKE ACTION and keep the momentum going on SB 1044 (Civil Asset Forfeiture)

Protect your assets and help us stop policing for profit. Currently your assets can be seized without an arrest or conviction.

SB 1044 prohibits forfeiture under Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act from being final until owner of seized property is convicted of criminal act that renders property contraband article. Most Floridians are unaware that assets may be seized absent of the owner being charged with a crime and possession may be permanently transferred without a conviction.

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