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November 16th Legislative Update (TAKE ACTION)

Tallahassee Legislative Alert

November 16, 2015


Call to action to protect our right to bear arms and a call to action to reign in career politicians in Washington DC.

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November 1st Legislative Update (TAKE ACTION)


Call to Action HB 4001 Campus Carry

Our right to self-defense will be debated again Wednesday, November 4th in the House Higher Education & Workforce Subcommittee. HB 4001 will repeal the law that prohibits citizens with a concealed weapons permit from carrying their weapon on Florida Campuses. The good news is that HB 4001 has already passed one committee and the Senate companion SB 68 has passed two committees. These were great victories despite the anti-gun rights groups that showed up to spread false and unproven claims.

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Oct 16th Legislative Update TAKE ACTION


Legislative Update and Urgent call to action

Next week will be the third of six committee weeks to be held this year in advance of the 2016 Regular Session beginning January 12th, 2016. Interim Committee weeks are where legislators begin debating and voting on bills, as well as, beginning the budget process. State Government Agencies will present their 2016-17 budget requests to the appropriate Committees. Legislators have been filing bills and as of today, there have been 485 bills filed between the House and the Senate.

The last few Sessions have seen a total of 1,879 bills filed in 2014 and 1,755 bills filed in the 2015 Session last spring. The number of bills filed and passed has been trending downward now for several years and we are hoping for that trend to continue. We have always advocated that we do not need to create more unnecessary laws, we need to repeal existing laws that do harm to our freedom and liberty.

Florida, just like the Federal government, has way too many laws. There are so many it is almost impossible to count. Florida laws are tedious, and so overly complex, even the most seasoned  attorneys cannot understand the language, which makes them almost impossible to comply with.

Liberty First Network believes the only new laws that should be considered are ones that reduce the size of government and protects our individual freedom and liberty. Here are three bills that have been filed that would promote individual liberty and two very important CALLS TO ACTION.

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Come out and see the Liberty First Network at a location near you

The Liberty First Network is traveling across the state informing the voters of Florida about what is going on in Tallahassee and what you can do to influence your legislators. Come out and see us at a location near you. 

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Enough is Enough, Let's Repeal the Cameras this Session!

After a few legislative sessions trying to reign in the abuses of Red Light Cameras piece by piece. This session we will again have the opportunity to completely repeal the use of Red Light Cameras in Florida. Senator Jeff Brandes has filed SB 168 which would repeal Red Light Cameras and the House companion bill should be out soon.

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2016 Legislative Session has begun!

The 60 day regular session of the Florida Legislature is scheduled to convene January 12th of 2016. Even though "opening day" is several months away, legislation is being filed now and early committee weeks will start in September. The early committee weeks, technically called "interim committee weeks" are where legislators will conduct committee meetings to debate and vote on bills. Bills can pass in committee assignments, but cannot be voted on by the full legislature until Regular Session.  These early committee weeks are as important as the 60 day Regular Session. The time to stop bad legislation is during the early committee weeks before they have a chance to gain momentum going into the regular session. On the flip side, we need to make sure we advance good bills during this time. Historically, any bill that has not been heard in at least one committee by the opening day of the regular Session has very little chance of passing.

These are very important weeks for the Liberty First Network to be up in Tallahassee. In order to do that we need your financial support right away. Each week can cost over $600 in lodging, food and supplies. If you want to make sure that liberty is represented then we your donation TODAY!!!!! 

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2015 Florida Legislative Review

2015 Liberty First Network Legislative Review

“Our Liberty is never more in jeopardy than when the legislature is in session.” I am not sure sure who made that quote, but it really is true. We usually take a sigh of relief when the legislature finally “sine dies” to mark the end of the session and no more harm can come to our liberties, at least until the next session. But, over the last few years there has been progress made for liberty and we all can take pride for the hard work everybody has done in the fight for liberty, your phone calls and emails are making a difference.

The session ended abruptly three days earlier than the scheduled Friday, May 1st finish. The House adjourned early because of the contentious debate over expanding Medicaid. The House leadership was firmly in opposition to expanding Medicaid and the Senate refused to pass a budget that didn’t adopt their Medicaid expansion plan. Because the state Constitution requires the legislature to adopt a balanced budget, Senate President Andy Gardiner and Speaker Steve Crisafulli called a three week  “special session” that started on June 1st and finally adjourned with a agreed upon budget on June 20th.

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Help The Liberty First Network Tackle Campaign Finance Reform

The Liberty First Network through the Come Clean initiative is looking for your help with the issue of campaign finance reform. As you know, money in politics is nothing new and it is distorting our legislative process. 

This has to stop and we are looking at a new way to make our voices heard. From August 17th through the 28th we are asking for people to make appointments with their own state legislators to discuss this issue. We will provide you with all of the instructions and material needed to talk about this issue with your representative. 

Our goal is to ask each one of them to sign our pledge which states their commitment to providing more transparency and oversight when it comes to campaign finances. The results of who has signed the pledge and who has refused will be published in mid September. 

It is time to hold our Tallahassee legislators accountable and make them aware that we are watching and want action! 

Will you help us? Contact (727) 424-9530 or email for more information and to sign up to take on your legislators!

If you cannot donate your time then please make a financial contribution. Your donations help keep our voice in Tallahassee. 

Action Alert Florida Special Legislative Session

As you are aware, Environmental groups from across the state are rallying and calling your representatives in Tallahassee to buy more land while completely ignoring the fact that the state already owns millions of acres being held in disrepair.

The state of Florida owns enough acreage to equal a landmass the size of New Jersey, yet many of these groups think that the only use for Amendment 1 is to purchase more land. During the regular session your phone calls and emails were successful in minimizing the amount of money budgeted for the purchase conservation land with the House budget proposal allocating only $8 million and the Senate budget proposal allocating $15 million. Governor Rick Scott had proposed $100 million. 

However, the fight is not over

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