Say NO to more DEBT, government owns enough land

The House and Senate have passed their respective budgets for 2016-17 and now they will begin the negotiation process. The House passed a $79.98 billion budget and the Senate passed a $80.97 billion budget, $1 billion more than the House budget. There are many differences that must be resolved before a final budget agreement is reached. One issue to be negotiated will be how Amendment 1 funding will be allocated. Amendment 1 which passed in 2014 requires 1/3 of the Documentary Stamp tax revenue be used for the acquisition and maintenance of land and water. Amendment 1 would provide $823.8 million for water and land conservation in the coming fiscal year.

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Paul Henry's Letter to Senator Jack Latvala

Paul Henry wrote this great letter to Senator Jack Latvala to schedule SB 168 to repeal red light cameras in the next Transportation, Tourism and Economic Development subcommittee agenda. Please use this information to contact Senator Latvala and ask him to schedule SB 168 in the next Transportation, Tourism and Economic Development subcommittee agenda.

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Keep the Momentum Going and Help Put a Stop to the State Land Grab

Tallahassee Legislative Alert

February 17th, 2016


Creates, revises, & deletes provisions relating to acquisition, surplus, sale, lease, & use of state-owned conservation, non-conservation, recreation, & submerged lands.

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Keep the Momentum Going on Direct Care and Give Patients a Real Choice

Tallahassee Legislative Alert

February 16th, 2016


Specifies that direct primary care agreement does not constitute insurance & is not subject to Florida Insurance Code

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Keep the Momentum Going on Repealing Red Light Cameras

Tallahassee Legislative Alert

February 15th, 2016


Call to action to repeal the use of red light cameras in the State of Florida

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Protect your assets and help us stop policing for profit. Currently your assets can be seized without an arrest or conviction.


SB 1044 prohibits forfeiture under Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act from being final until owner of seized property is convicted of criminal act that renders property contraband article. Most Floridians are unaware that assets may be seized absent of the owner being charged with a crime and possession may be permanently transferred without a conviction.

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TAKE ACTION: Put a stop to the government land grab in Florida


SB 1290 deals with state owned property, specifically “conservation land”. The state along with the Federal government already own almost 1/3 of Florida’s land mass for conservation purposes. The state doesn't need all of what it owns now to provide recreation and ensure conservation of wildlife habitat, SB 1290 also recognizes the state cannot afford to buy and manage all of the land that may be needed to conserve habitat.

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Support SB 132 and Keep the government out of our healthcare decisions!


SB 132 provides that a direct primary agreement and the act of entering into such an agreement are not insurance and not subject to regulation under the Florida Insurance Code and exempts a primary care provider, which includes a primary care group practice, or his or her agent, from any certification or license requirements in the Code for marketing, selling, or offering to sell an agreement.

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URGENT: Contact Senator Latvala and ask him to schedule SB 168 (Red Light Camera Repeal) on the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development Agenda

Senate Transportation Committee passes SB 168 (Red Light Camera Repeal)

Senate Transportation Committee passes SB 168 (Red Light Camera Repeal) on February 4, 2016

At today's transportation committee meeting, SB 168, which would repeal red light cameras, was heard. The bill is sponsored by Chairman Jeff Brandes, an outspoken critic of the cameras. Speaking in favor of the bill were Catherine Baer of the Tea Party Network and Paul Henry from the Liberty First network. Paul, a retired Florida law enforcement officer, has been involved in the fight against red light cameras at the legislature since 2011, and last year he persuaded the City of Tallahassee not to renew their camera contract, thereby killing the cameras there. Paul likened the cameras to a drug that was supposed to cure a disease that not only did not cure the disease but caused more injuries and deaths. State Highway Safety report for 2015 shows crashes, serious injuries, and fatalities are all up significantly after camera use as compared to before camera use.

Opposing the bill were the usual government and quasi-government lobbyists, which this time included the City of Orlando, the Florida Police Chiefs Association, the Florida Association of Counties, and the Florida League of Cities, whose lobbyist tried to backpedal with the false statement that the league neither supported nor opposed cameras. The league has had a lobbyist at nearly every camera-related hearing for the past several years and each time they have opposed nay legislation that would have removed or even reformed the cameras. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

Senator Brandes did an excellent presentation and closing on his bill, noting how no safety benefit exists and that human police officers had the discretion to issue warnings if the situation were appropriate.

In the final 4-3 vote, it was party-line with Republican Senators Brandes, Evers, Grimsley, and Simpson voting to pass the repeal, while Democrats Bullard, Braynon, and Thompson voted to continue endangering Florida motorists by continued use of the cameras, which ironically came from a Republican in 2010- proof that this is not a Democrat vs Republican issue. The bill will now advance to the Senate Appropriations Committee. The companion House Bill, 4027, has already passed it's first committee and only has one more to go.

If you want to continue to see the Liberty First Network in Tallahassee fighting Red Light Cameras and other liberty issues please make a donation. 

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